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Barrier Door Mats & Runners

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Save precious time & energy cleaning your floor with our exclusive range of door mats.

Featuring a super dense polypropylene pile, this mat catches dirt & moisture, before they reach the floor. It’s also highly wear resistant and so won’t shed.

Anti-Slip Latex Backings keeps the mat firmly in place on hard flooring such as wood, tiles or vinyl.

Tapered edging prevents curling and catching on feet, wheelchairs, strollers and office chairs.

Machine washable at 30°C for your convenience*.

Keep your home clean and welcoming for years to come.



Manufactured in the Netherlands. All sizes are approximate.

Please allow up to 72 hours for extra-long and extra-large sizes to completely flatten.

*Largest sizes may not fit in a conventional washing machine. 

Please double-check your measurements with a tape measure before ordering.


Manufactured & Sold Exclusively by SrS Rugs